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3 papers accepted to IROS 2018!

Three papers from ARPG have been accepted to IROS in Madrid, Spain! They are:

  • Game-Theoretic Cooperative Lane Changing Using, authored by Guohui Ding, Sina Aghli, Chris Heckman and Lijun Chen;
  • Path-Following through Control Funnel Functions, authored by Hadi Ravanbakhsh, Sina Aghli, Chris Heckman and Sriram Sankaranarayanan; and
  • Autonomous Localization, Navigation and Haustral Fold Detection for Robotic Endoscopy, authored by Micah Prendergast, Greg Formosa, Chris Heckman and Mark Rentschler.

Furthermore, the first two of these were a result of our NSF CPS award on Verified Control of Cooperative Autonomous Vehicles.

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